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Shekoufeh (Fatima) Hozouri

BSc, DTCM, Registered Acupuncturist

Shekoufeh (Fatima) has finished her 5 years of extensive training in Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC. She holds a doctor of Chinese Medicine Diploma and currently is registered as Acupuncturist with CTCMA, Chinese Medicine regulatory body in BC.


Shekoufeh was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Since her childhood she was exposed to natural/alternative medicine through homemade decoctions and medicinal herbs. It took her several years after immigrating to Canada and receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UBC that she realized Chinese Medicine is what she wants to choose as a career. Chinese Medicine provides a great combination of mind-body-emotion aspect of a person that she was eager to learn.


Her desire along with her academic knowledge makes her a passionate Acupuncturist. She truly believes every person is a unique individual with a unique journey and story thus has to be treated as a whole being. She uses acupuncture, cupping, ear seeds, tui na, electro stimulation, nutrition and other modalities to ensure the best possible treatment customized for each individual.


She also enjoys cooking with wholesome and fresh ingredients to stay healthy beside practicing Yoga regularly.


She currently practices as a registered acupuncturist in Port Coquitlam at Strawberries & Sunshine Healing Centre.



Acupuncturist in West Vancouver
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